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Seriously, Why Bilalian?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Why Bilalian?

I had been familiar with Bilalian as a term that Imam W. Deen Mohammed had introduced early in his leadership (1975).

I had the privilege to read some old Bilalian Newspapers as the community paper at that time was called early in Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s leadership.

The explanation that Imam Mohammed gave made sense to me. I concentrated it down to an individual having no name or the wrong name. Prophet Muhammed said a good name is worth more than a mountain of gold. That’s significant.

So I understand the emphasis of a correct name, a name expressing clarity and purpose.

I had that sensitivity to change my birth surname, I like most know the origin of many names that African Americans possess right now from over 100 years ago.

These names that were imposed upon us, I say imposed because at that time we didn’t have options. But now we have favorable circumstances that allows us to courageously choose our own name and I wanted a last name that reflected a relationship with my Creator , a name that reflected that awareness. From its origin to its destiny, a name reflecting a line of purity from its beginning to its conclusion.

So I as an individual chose El-Amin the trustworthy one. Trust and faith are closely connected actually related.

Muhammed was described as El-Amin because he was truthful to his original design. He was in tune with his natural inclinations. Hence the nickname El-Amin, a strong character he was known by.

Well Bilalian is the inherent description of a whole people who share a parallel history with a notable figure of African-descent who was authorized and chosen by the Prophet of Islam to call humanity to a profound awareness of their reality and the relationship they should have with that Loving Creator.

Imam Mohammed said it like this in the latter part of his leadership as he looked out into the crowd, “I’m looking at the LOST BILAL.”

I came into this understanding in the early 1990’s. When I heard it (Bilalian) especially from those associated with Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s leadership, local imams, it was always presented as something more nostalgic than a relevant answer to an ongoing circumstance. A whole people described not accurately or fully correct. Bilalian and it’s intended use was presented as though it had EXPIRED!

So when I heard a public address by Muslim American Leader Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed on Bilal and Bilalian in the summer of 2020 something clicked in me.

I felt it an obligation on me to get this ‘help’ this profound understanding to the masses of people.

I concluded it would need to be tangible so people can at least lay their eyes on the word.

Remember Imam Mohamed wisely said ‘words make people.’

And at this time in the summer of 2020 we are in the midst of a raging pandemic. I recall Imam Mohammed saying we Muslims should be a help not only to our immediate group but offer something good that all of humanity can benefit from.

The language Bilalian is a sensitizer. If you sensitize people to a particular problem or situation, you make them aware of it and imbedded within Bilalian is answers. I thought let’s offer face coverings with the language Bilalian on it in a nice simplistic font and color scheme.

Black and White is expressed in G’d’s Guidance in depth in a way that doesn’t burden mankind’s thinking but gives answers to the development and components of man’s life.

The air of America presents black and white as forever in eternal conflict. The Islamic understanding we see them as a compliment to each other. The inherent nature of all humans that has within it a reservoir of potential (excellence) waiting to be acted upon by the enlightened mind.

The mind of a profound awareness and knows that to have and maintain the establishments it want for itself it has to have a regardful consciousness, awareness of its Designer, it’s Creator.

My goal was never to get everyone to put on a face covering with that language but to get enough of us wearing it where the public takes notice. What is this Bilalian I see on peoples faces?

We were successful with that plan and proceeded to place the language strategically on clothing.

Our strategy is working where more and more people are becoming acquainted with this guided language from the son of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

Allah exhorts the believer in Qur’an teaching “to take the best thereof.”

Bilalian is the ‘best thereof.’

Bilalian is an organic consciousness, an awareness that opens the door to an inheritance of human excellence propelled into the world courageously by exhibiting what the Creator has deposited into every newborn straight from Heaven. The potential for a life of excellence, human excellence.

With the expression of Bilalian our Human identity is not in conflict, warring with itself. Black as a racial description can be a heavy burden on our children‘s mind and soul, let’s invite them to purpose and clarity.

I believe Bilalian is heavenly language simply put I believe it’s Guidance and Imam Mohammed foremost should always be seen as associated with divine guidance.

I believe with the circumstances and what Allah has blessed us with in understanding NOW is the time to spread the word about Bilal and Bilalian in a concentrated way.

We would not know anything about Bilal in human history if he was not connected to divine guidance.

He was Muhammed’s trusted deputy, do we not see our role in the world?

More and more are arriving at this understanding of Bilalian as a parallel history, I believe that’s Allah’s doing.

Bilalian is on the rise!

Allah’s Blessings

Terynso El-Amin

Owner of El-Amin Priority Distributors LLC

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