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Defense and Protection of Bilalian.

I wear our Bilalian Wear Proudly, I will defeat any il-logic that attempts to separate us from Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s Way, this is serious business for us!

The enemy of man promotes confusion which Imam W. Deen Mohammed taught us that confusion is the ABSENCE of knowledge, Bilalian is Special Knowledge for our purpose and identity and what is common in all people, no baby is born guilty but always innocent in its human nature.

We have Muslims who claim this Tradition trying with weakness to discourage use of this Guided Language, “We seek Protection with Allah from the arrogant, the rejected one.”

More and more people will become acquainted with this Special Language and Reasoning coming from Allah’s Special servant Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

His Language and Reasoning is Making a Public Resurgence, All Praises are due to Allah for Muslim-American Leader Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed.

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