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Our Start on this Continent.

Our start on this Continent:

It does not diminish me to acknowledge what happened with our people since arriving on these shores, if you look at it through the right lenses it says here is a people that were relegated as beasts in a field, no one came to our rescue only G’d in His direct intervention.

To see our history would have the one looking if they are sober and intelligent to arrive at this conclusion:

These people despite all that have been thrown on them and in their way they are still HUMAN!

That's a modern-day miracle, so it doesn't diminish me to see our start here knowing what we have overcome, that is a testament to Allah being Akbar, The Greater and He is never absent at any time or place!

And it is seen in the STRENGTH in our human will, the human spirit to remain what the Creator created us to be.

To mischaracterize what happened to us I believe has contributed to the confusion with our young people, being labeled a ‘King or Queen’ does not address the issues it just allows us to gloss over it because for many to this day the issue of Slavery is just too painful to deal with directly so we MISCHARACTERIZE what happened to us.

You are not helping a doctor of medicine or yourself if you are not truthful about your maladies!

We have to be truthful with ourselves and we have a lot of help if we see the situation through clear and sober eyes!

" Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life."

~ Native American proverb

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