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Bilalian' describes a level of ascension for a people who have outlasted and survived racist lies, a rise of the human soul to reject any deflated or inflated notion of their worth, or of what their relationships should be with other races. It says a people who have overcome the indignities of oppression due to race, and have been awakened to the secretive language of falsehoods and the schemes which gave birth to that oppression. It calls to the value that is to be drawn from the human distinctions and variations G'd fashioned and intended for the family of humans, without digesting any irrational or immoral race-pride. 

Bilalian doesn't say race, it says consciousness, though it is associated with the black people, former slaves of America who embraced al-Islam and have since built an Islamic tradition in America. 

As followers of Muhammed the Prophet we have embraced an identity that represents the finest example of how to expose and defeat the lie that white is superior to black, or black superior to white. It says a people who have discarded 'the politics of race' in favor of an eternal claim on the human type, and that which G'd intended and wants for the human type in its spiritual destiny in heaven and its social destiny on the earth, while feeling absolutely comfortable and happy with nappy hair, thick lips, broad noses, black (and all shades of brown) skin and living proudly and productively in predominantly African-American neighborhoods and communities. Bilalian says spiritual, social, political, educational, cultural, and economic institutional establishments.

Muslim-American Leader in the Tradition of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed 

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