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The Guided Tradition Collection

The Guided Tradition Collection

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The Guided Tradition Collection consists of 3 distinct and informative books.

1.)The Dynamic African American Soul; the best then, the best now.

2.) Democracy, Civic Virtue & Islam: The Muslim-American Jihad against extremism. (Soft back)

3.) On Nature & Nations: The Muslim-American Message in the day of Religion. (Soft back)

Emanating from the influence and teachings of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, a Guided Mind from the so-called and mostly misnamed people of America. We do not believe our Lord-Creator left us to a life of perpetual servitude to any other human being, in this great difficulty that our life was born and shaped in we believe the Lord-Creator was creating a ‘New People’ with evolved sensitivities and from those flowing sensitivities produced a ‘Guided Mind’ which developed a Guided Tradition not only as help for those most obviously impacted by man’s unjustly dominating his fellow human being but also as a correction of emphasis for the liberating ideology of Islam which comes to restore, protect and build up the life of Global man.

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