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Why establish a Business?

Why establish a Business?

My motivation in starting a business was so I can help with establishing the Life that we want, Imam W. Deen Mohammed said years ago “I want to be rich in spirit and rich in the pocket”, why so we can address the misery in the world.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave us the language that is above my head in the picture, “Researching our Faith and Supporting Business Life in Our Community. This is still our emphasis with Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed's leadership.

Our perspective is contrary to money is the root of all evil, the thinking going astray from it's natural, inborn life is the major problem, imagine the one who is true to him or herself, think about the good that can be achieved with correct thinking and resource$, a lot of good can be done.

We need Business people, a community that wants to thrive can not just depend on the working people to propel the life, we need successful business people and the business people need your support.

I honestly believe Imam W. Deen Mohammed would be proud of this effort of perking the Consciousness to awaken it to its best possibilities.

Some of us know that what we are doing is Correct and Straight but won't support it because I align with a Leader that they don't approve of because of shallow reasons.

Me personally I would not need any motivation to support something that directly came from Imam W. Deen Mohammed, his Guided Mind gave us ‘BILALIAN’, Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed like a good student and Defender of Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s Way intelligently reasserted this great help to address something that all our eyes are aware of, the need for proper human identity.

We hope to inspire more of us to get into business, we are more than just consumers, we are producers and we have something extremely valuable to offer.

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