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Significance of February, African American History Month

February is designated African American History Month, this began as a week, Negro History Week by renowned educator Carter Godwin Woodson, author of The Mis-education of the Negro (black in Spanish).

Why February, is it because like so many like to say, “they gave us the shortest and coldest month,” No, it was because Carter G. Woodson chose the 2nd week of February in honor of our Beloved Frederick Douglass, Fredrick Douglass didn't know his birthday due to he was born a slave and he recalled his mother calling him her ‘Sweet Valentine’, so let's be more informed when we come to conclusions.

We should take advantage of this month of recognition to educate ourselves and the American public to our history and contributions. We should be more aware as a people of what helped shape us in this American Construct.

During this month we will share more history, especially regarding this strange injection that came into our people that led us on the route to authentic native-born expression of Islam on these shores.

If I am to appreciate anything about our rich history, it is that we as a People have remained ‘Human’ despite all that was done to reduce us to animals, Praise be to Allah, we are still here as Human beings with human life and human aspirations!

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